Ascension Cathedral

The Ascension Cathedral located in Panvilov park, Almaty Kazakhstan is a beautiful Church with plenty of rich history. Construction of the Cathedral started in 1904 and Andrei Zenkov oversaw construction (thus it is also commonly referred to as the Zenkov Cathedral.) Andrei Zenkov was born in 1863 and died 1936 Zenkov pioneered earthquake engineering as… Continue reading Ascension Cathedral

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Libertarian: A Lost Word

The point of having words is to communicate; we give definitions to terms so we can communicate with each other clearly. If I were to say, “I am going to eat a run,” and I defined ‘run’ as a fruit, I would be doing nothing but causing confusion and conflict. Therefore it seems reasonable that… Continue reading Libertarian: A Lost Word

culture, political theory

Socially Liberal and Fiscally Conservative

One of the ways many “libertarians” describe themselves is the infamous “socially liberal and fiscally conservative.” Essentially they claim to be culturally left, progressive, promoting equality and egalitarianism. But in terms of economics, they claim to support a free market and capitalism. These same people are also often found flaunting the fact that they “reject… Continue reading Socially Liberal and Fiscally Conservative